—————————— Years of industry experience, help the development of scientific research ——————————
Zhejiang Ruiao Biological Technology Co.,LTD. (RuiaoBio) founded in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, specializes in the R&D and manufacture of PEG linkers, and also provides customized synthesis services. RuiaoBio now have about 1000 kinds of PEGs in catalogue and more than 80% of them in stock, purity from 95~99%. The catalogue covers more than 20 series, such as Hydroxy-PEG, Amino-PEG, PEG-acid, PEG-NHS ester, Azido-PEG, Maleimide-PEG, Thiol-PEG, Fmoc/Boc/tBu-PEG, D-Biotin-PEG, which are widely used in the fields of ADC, PDC, Peptides, API, etc. 

After years of production and management, RuiaoBio has gathered a number of high-tech researchers and skilled engineers. Based on their support, RuiaoBio has accumulated a large number of professional synthesis technology, and developed a highly professional and energetic technical team. RuiaoBio has passed ISO9001:2015 certification to ensure the stability of production and quality.

Over these years, RuiaoBio is committed to providing high quality of products and services for customers, and maintained long-term stable cooperative relations with a large number of customers. RuiaoBio will never stop exploring and developing, just constantly improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to provide customers with the best products and services!